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 IMPORTANT NECESSITIES OF JAMIA FUTURE TARGETS Permanent Building for school and library Permanent Guesthouse  Permanent Hospital Establishing of Makatib in and around the city and in rural areas Construction of Mosque in the city and in rural areas (Villages) Registration of Madarsa Plots,(Out of eight plots, Six are already registered) I.T.I and D.Ed, B.Ed College…


A  BRIEF INTRODUCTION OF JAMIA ASHRAF-UL-ULOOM Visakhapatnam one of the bigger cities of Andhra Pradesh. There is a sizable Muslim population in and around Visakhapatnam but due to lack of Islamic schools, Madrasas and religious propagation Muslims are away from punctual worship and Islamic culture. Unfortunately, they are adopting Christianity and Qadianism especially in villages…

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SECTION FOR RECITATION (Nazera) AND GETTING THE QURAAN BY HEART (Hifz) No.of total Students (Boys) who have completed reciting the whole Quraan (from the beginning of Jamia) 235 No.of Students (Boys) who have Reciting in this section 180 No.of total Students (Boys) who have completed Quran by heart (Hafiz) (from the beginning of Jamia) 94…