Visakhapatnam one of the bigger cities of Andhra Pradesh. There is a sizable Muslim population in and around Visakhapatnam but due to lack of Islamic schools, Madrasas and religious propagation Muslims are away from punctual worship and Islamic culture. Unfortunately, they are adopting Christianity and Qadianism especially in villages and sincere Muslims have chosen the patronage of Khadim-ul-Quraan, Hazrat Moulana Ghulam Muhammad Vastanvi Saheb: (Founder of Jamia Islamia Ishat-ul-Uloom, Akkal Kuwa, Maharashtra) who established Jamia Islamia Ashraf-ul-Uloom, Visakhapatnam historical name(Ishaqpatnam) in 1999. It is running successfully by the grace of Allah and supports of philanthropic persons.